1. ArchDaily

    (64) World’s most visited architecture website.  http://www.archdaily.com

  2. Architectural Record

    (52) Architecture Design for Architects.   http://archrecord.construction.com

  3. ARCHITECT magazine

    (54) The magazine of the American Institute of Architects (@AIANational). Published by Hanley Wood, LLC.  http://www.architectmagazine.com/aia/

  4. Architects Newspaper

    (51) Architecture and design news from New York, California, the Midwest & beyond.  http://archpaper.com

  5. Architecture for Humanity

    (53) Architecture for Humanity brings design, construction, and development services to communities in need.  http://architectureforhumanity.org

  6. Derek Leavitt

    (33) Architect focused on modern design – Interested in all things creative – Love to help non-architects learn about architecture. @modative principal + co-founder. http://www.modative.com

  7. Chicago Architecture Foundation

    (53) Chicago Architecture Foundation: tours, exhibitions, programs, shop, family programs. Tweets by Jennifer.  http://www.architecture.org

  8. Cindy Frewen

    (42) Architect, futurist, urban designer, rhetorician, adjunct prof, treehugger, former biz owner now a writer/analyst exploring city futures, reborn from @cindyfw.

  9. AIA

    (52) The American Institute of Architects — Sharing your passion for creating better places to live, work, and play. Feeds by @sybilwb.  http://www.aia.org

  10. Dezeen

    (63) Architecture and design magazine.  http://www.dezeen.com

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According to @klout, the top influencers about Architecture are @ArchDaily, @ArchRecord, @architectmag, and @archpaper. Check it out! http://klout.com/topic/architecture/influencers?n=tw&v=topic_leaders

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